Delicious street food served throughout Plymouth & surrounding areas

Would you like to indulge in an amazing variety of street food? Then, here is your chance to please your taste buds with our fantastic range of street style food. Using top-quality and fresh ingredients, we can provide you with tasty food that you and your guests can enjoy.

At Buffets R Us, we know how difficult it can be to create the ideal menu for your event or gathering. That is why we are here to help you. We offer street style food to make your party or event a hit. Paella, hog roasts and barbecue are some of the many street style foods we can prepare for you.

Paella Menu

This Authentic Spanish dish is a sensational hit with great flavours
and a fantastic wow factor.

Our giant Paella pans are ideal for alfresco or indoor dinning.

Seafood Paella – £10.45 per head
A selection of mussels, clams, king prawns, octopus and squid

Valencian – £9.35 per head
A selection of peppers, chorizo and chicken

We can accommodate most locations with a minimum of 3m x 3m
space required.
We can also cater for vegetarians.

Barbecue Menu

All Barbecues are Served with Relevant Condiments

BBQ – £6.55 per head

1/4lb Cheese Burger
Hot Dog with Onions
1 Salad Option

BBQ 2 – £10.95 per head
Gourmet burger
Luxury sausage selection
with two salad options

Surf & Turf – £17.55 per head
8oz Sirloin
King Prawns
2 Salad Options
Served with Crusty Bread

Optional Extras
Chicken Kebabs £2.15 each
Vegetable Kebabs £1.65 each
Chicken Drumsticks £1.32 each
Corn on the Cob 88p each

Hog Roasts Menu

All Hog Roasts are Served with Stuffing and Apple Sauce

Disposable plates, cutlery and napkins are also included

Large Hog Roast – £1094.50 (serves up to 200 people)
Served on a Platter or in Bread Rolls with 2 Salad Options

Mini Hog Roast – £764.50 (serves up to 100 people)
Served on a Platter or in Bread Rolls with 2 Salad Options

Spit Roasted 3 Meat – £655.00 (serves up to 100 people)
Beef, Pork & Turkey, Served on a Platter or in Bread Rolls with 2
Salad Options

Mini Hog Roast – Meat Only – £545.00 (serves up to 100 people)
Arrives at the venue already cooked with chef to carve and serve

Salads Menu

Our salads can be combined with any of our Buffets or Platters.
All salads are homemade using the finest fresh ingredients and are
served in large bowls which cater for approx 15 – 20 people.

Coleslaw £10.45

Potato Salad £10.45

Greek Salad £11.55

Hot Mint & Coriander New Potatoes £11.55

Tabbouleh Salad £11.55

Italian Mixed Bean Salad £11.55

Coronation Chicken Pasta Salad

Chicken & Ham Pasta Salad £10.45

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